Digital art 4k scene from a movie: Create an image of a person digging through a bag of boots to find a hidden bag of crack in a dreamlike setting, with objects scattered around and children playing in the background.

Crack-Head Smack-Head, Stupid Little Sh*t

Date: 8/21/2019

By blucanary

~An old friend of mine, Rae had come over w/ a bag of crack (no, I do not smoke crack irl, lol. I dont even smoke pot). It was suppose to be for the both of us, split equally, but for the first hit (which I took) she only gave a very small fraction of a piece. I hardly got even the smallest hit off of it. She put a lot more in for herself. For my second hit, the piece was a bit larger, but still very small. W/ my lighter, I lit the tip of the glass crack-pipe, careful not to burn it. I got a decent mouthful of smoke (at least compared to my first hit) and held it as long as I cd. I let it go, hoping for some light headed effect or high to hit me. But again, the hit was too small to feel even the faintest of effects. ~Rae then rolled the bag up and looked for a place to put it while she ran out for something. I told her she cd put it w/ my tall black boots (they were beautiful, my favorite pair of boots Ive ever owned. Almost knee-high, a pretty heel on them and black old-fashioned looking small round buttons, Victorian-looking almost, up the outside sides of them and were kept in a large clear bag). She took a couple minutes putting the bag of crack away seemingly neatly within the bag of boots. ~She left and it was probably only a few minutes before I cd wait no longer! I had to sneak into that bag and grab a few rocks, something to both enjoy while she was gone and to make up for the small amounts she wd most likely be giving me the whole time we smoked together. I dug through the bag with my boots in it, at first unable to find the bag of crack. I pulled other random items out of the bag (out of my boot itself), thinking maybe the bag wd be in the toe section of one of the boots. But I was wrong. I was abt to give up and look elsewhere, thinking she must have only pretended to put the bag in here while in fact hiding it elsewhere (but hoping so hard that she hadnt taken it with her) when I suddenly noticed something taped along the side of the boot. It was long and thin, wrapped up in a piece of plain off-white paper and was taped closed in three places (yet taped onto the boot in only two spots [near the top and bottom]. I pulled it off the boot and carefully tried to remove the tape from around the paper itself so I cd replace it afterward without her knowing I had opened it. I ripped the paper a bit when removing the middle piece of tape, but figured it wdnt be seen when I re-taped it anyway, so I wasnt too terribly worried abt it. ~ With the bag of crack now in my hands, I reached into the clear, ripped sandwich baggie and pulled out abt two large sprinkles of the drug (there were only a few actual rocks, it was mainly broken up into practical dust - but I made sure I got enough for a abt half a dozen good hits). I sprinkled it onto an old bill lying around to keep it safe until I returned the bag to the boots. ~As I finished sprinkling my amount out (it looks as though Im sitting in a tub, pouring the drug onto a bill on a little plastic square table set up directly next to the ugly yellow water-less tub. And yes, I am clothed) two little girls begin running up to me. "Sunday, Sunday! You're finally back!" They were my old friend Hannah's daughters. They were so happy to see me (especially the youngest, who was abt 5) but I was worried abt the bag of crack. I told the little girl, Maryanne, to go play. At first she didnt listen, so the 2nd time I said it much more harshly. She ran off to play, disappointed that I wasnt there to see her, and I started rolling the bag back up. ~I must have ripped up the paper opening it, bc I was wrapping the bag up in a large mens white & grey sock. After I wrapped it I realized that it was way too thick, and Rae wd DEFINITELY notice! I began looking for another piece of off-white paper. I was looking everywhere, even in the backseat of my brothers old camaro. There, I found a few small glass pipes for smoking weed. These wd suffice nicely, I thought, and grabbed the one that was slightly longer than the others (one was too short and wd definitely burn my lips if I tried smoking crack in that, and the other was actually plastic. I cdnt hold a lighter to light a crack rock in a plastic pipe)! ~ I am now back inside and my hands are full w/ the new pipe, the bag wrapped in a thick sock, and my phone. I look out the front door and see 4 girls all wearing black dresses and playing cards sitting at a square table directly in front of the door. I cd see 3 of the girls very clearly. They are all girls we went to high school with. The 4th girl I cant see. I can only see her hands and the back of the cards she has within them. I think it might be Rae, and pray that Im wrong. I shut the door and my phone rings. I answer it. It's Rae. She says she got the other bag of stuff (it seems to be another drug, but Im not sure what kind). She says she had to go all the way into the city to get it though. I dont understand what she means by this. We live in a regular city, and there really isnt any "huge" city around. I don't question her too much though, knowing that at least it'll take a little while for her to return. So I go back to looking for the proper paper to hide the evidence that I was in the drugs. ~I awoke to my alarm going off moments after I hung up the phone.

AI generated interpretation The dream you have described is quite complex and contains various elements that may reflect inner conflicts and unresolved issues in your waking life. The presence of the drug crack in the dream may symbolize a desire for escapism or a need to cope with stress or difficult emotions. It could indicate a yearning for a quick fix or temporary relief from underlying issues. The unequal distribution of the drug between you and your friend Rae may suggest feelings of being taken advantage of or not receiving your fair share in certain aspects of your life. The focus on hiding the drug and trying to cover up your actions may reveal feelings of guilt, shame, or fear of judgment regarding behaviors or choices you may have made. It may also indicate a struggle with maintaining boundaries or keeping certain aspects of yourself hidden from others. The presence of the children in the dream, particularly Hannah's daughters, could symbolize innocence, purity, or a sense of responsibility towards others. Your interaction with them, especially your harsh reaction towards Maryanne, may reflect internal conflicts about balancing your own needs and desires with your responsibilities towards others. The appearance of old friends from high school, including Rae, may symbolize nostalgia, unresolved relationships, or past influences that continue to impact your present life. The mention of Rae getting another bag of drugs and traveling to the city could suggest a sense of competition or comparison with others, as well as feelings of inadequacy or the need to keep up with external expectations. Overall, this dream appears to highlight themes of self-worth, boundaries, escapism, and inner conflict. It may be valuable to reflect on these elements and consider how they relate to your current emotional state, relationships, and personal growth. Engaging in self-reflection, seeking support from trusted individuals, or exploring your emotions through creative outlets or therapy could help you better understand and address the underlying issues reflected in your dreams.