Watching Trash Tv 📺

Date: 5/25/2017

By amandalyle

I was in this huge bath with guy from school and his baby daughter. We were both naked and yet acting so naturally around each other, as though this was the norm. You know, just chatting away about everyday life. Next scene; I was watching something on TV about pubs, and the Coal Orchard had, surprisingly, been voted one of the best. I couldn't believe it, it's always been a bit of a dive. In the clip, some rowdy drunks get thrown out onto the street and some music begins to play. It was Eternal's "I wanna be the only one". I switch to the next channel. I'm now watching the olympics. There had been some sort of terrorist attack, but instead of showing footage of this, they were showing this comedy clip of this overweight girl, tumbling off the parade and falling head-first into the crowd. Not one person caught her, and everyone roared with laughter. I thought this was rather insensitive, seeing as there had been a terrorist attack a few short seconds ago. Next scene; I was at the doctors, but had accidentally walked into another persons appointment. In the room, there was this Chinese girl who was complete naked and she was doing this funny dance whilst the doctor examined her vagina. "Yep! Looks good to me." The female doctor said "You can stop dancing now!" Suddenly, time shifts, and I am now lying on the bed. "I'm just going to put you to sleep and, when you wake up, you'll have the breast implants of your dreams!" The doctor said. I began to panic. I didn't want breast implants. I just wanted to see the doctor. I was too scare to argue it, so I agreed to go under...but whilst I was put to sleep, I had a 'dream within a dream' about showing my friends a video of what had happened in the doctor surgery with the dancing Chinese girl (I must have recorded it?) but I couldn't find the clip and , instead, we ended up watching some really cheesy comedy sketches that weren't funny in the slightest. I remember seeing Ricki Lake and shouting "Go Ricki, Go Ricki!" And my friends all looked at me, bemused. Next scene; I was at the local swimming pool with my kids. Maxi dived into the water. We were all really impressed, until I heard a loud THUMP at the bottom of the pool and when I looked down, I just saw his lifeless body lying completely motionless. I panicked and woke myself up.