Trans babies

Date: 6/5/2019

By leusid

I should have written this down sooner after waking up, it's almost gone now. I remember running into Chris H from school and sitting down with him (in the back row of some theatre seating) to ask him how he's been. He said "good man you know just chillin up there on the roof peeing in the air vents." Of course I said "uhhh... What??" And he just said "I feel like a woman." I was like wait what??? He explained a bit further in words I don't recall but ending approximately with "and I got this warm tingly feeling inside, and that's when I knew I just feel like a woman, it just feels right" Of course I got super excited and was grinning like an idiot and slapped his arm saying "guess what?" He seemed uncomfortable now like he wasn't sure he should have shared that with me, so I just came out with it, "I feel like a woman too!" I didn't have a chance to explain to him how I'm transitioning and ask him if he was and all that stuff, because a girl in front of us turned around to glance at us. I gestured to her and told Chris "eh someone was bound to hear us, it's okay." So then all three girls sitting in front of us turned around. I expected them to be supportive and tell us how cute we were lol, but it kinda started to seem like at least one of them was being skeptical and maybe a bit terfy? I wasn't sure if I was reading too far into it, and I think the scene ended before we got too much further with all that. Lol! I just remembered, also, earlier in the dream, Meaghan and I were sitting watching some kind of show in a theatre again and these two dudes sitting in front of us were playing with their babies and the babies kept like bumping my face with their foot and stuff, and I thought it was really cute and was grinning and probably giggling but I didn't want them to think they were disrupting me so I tried not to pay attention, but eventually I looked over and saw that the two dudes were clearing intentionally hitting me with their babies, presumably because they could tell I thought it was cute and was enjoying it, and we all laughed. Then we chatted for a bit and one of them gave me some advice I don't remember at all, then left, and I was like wait shit we were really vibin' I should get his contact info so I hurried out to try to catch up with him but it was basically an endless shopping mall labyrinth situation and I never found him again. I think that's when I ran into Chris.