kidnapping & theater baptism f***up

Date: 2/19/2017

By lovettagain88

really hard to remember this dream. starts out with me and a sister(that doesnt exist) being abducted by one mad and kept in a warehouse. at one point i am handcuffed and hung from the cuffs by a hook from the ceiling. my sister is scared but not chained. when the kidnapper leaves, she cuts me down and encourages me to hide. i do, and when he returns and starts getting mad at my sister i come up behind him and try to take him out with a lead pipe. he stops me and forces both of us out and into his car. he threatens to molest her and kill my sisters daughter( didnt know she had one) if we dont cooperate. we get to a motel in BFE after driving for a while. it only has an elderly couple working behind the counter. before we get inside he takes both of our credit cards. inside i look straight at the old woman and tell her "this man kidnapped us, threatened us, and if you dont call the police he will hurt us. dont believe a word he says, he also took our credit cards(as if that would keep us from leaving.)" he tries to deny it which makes me angry and i start hitting him with gut punches and slaps to the face. .... now somehow i am a security guard at a psychiatric hospital where the patients are treated like inmates. i mostly sit behind the front desk and listen to reports on the walkie talkie. at the same place and down another hall, there is a theater production that is prepping for a show. for some reason they tell me im playing a part. i dont ever really get told what to do or what to say. i know it involves a mannequin, a metal gurney placed in the aisle and a dunk tank on the stage. suddenly i get thrust out in front of the audience. there is low lighting and everyone is looking as me. un certain i walk down the steps and lay on the sheet over the gurney only to realize there is a mannequin under the sheet. i stay laying on top for a moment, until i hear the crowd murmuring and snickering. embarrassed i get up and start to walk to the side of the stage and one of the hands shove me onto the stage. at that point i realize i am supposed to go into the dunk tank and do that. some explosions blast on either side of the stage and a projector continues the storyline. an actor comes over raises a white sheet behind which i raise up and am ushered off stage. i hear comment like at least we recovered, but i was annoyed no one had told me what to do, and i just wanted to return to my desk.