3 on 3 with Octavia and Bellamy

Date: 2/26/2017

By TheNightmanCometh

I was playing whirlyball except we were playing with balloons and our hands. I remember scoring and it didn't count. I remember specifically that Cody was on my team. After the score didn't count then the game changed to more of a 3 on 3 soccer game. I was on a team with Octavia and Bellamy Blake. There was also a dream that I had earlier in the night where I was in the laundry room and I was crawling under the main level of the house and there was gravel and my dads truck and another vehicle were parked there. The living room was flooding every time the sump pump ran. I crawled further and found a small bedroom with a window into a different basement and a door. I went through the door and found a guy sitting at his desk and there was a dead guy on the floor. Another guy came down and was questioning him. That was when I ran outside and escaped swimming across his pond. I ended up in a shady area of Detroit walking with three shady guys. I kept my cool and just kept walking until I eventually got to this mall place where I got lost and didn't know where to go. I met a couple of cool guys I was talking to. I remember looking at a map on my phone and I saw that there was a bunch of traffic around the area. At some point I ended up at Shelby's house I believe for my high school reunion. As soon as I walked in I saw Susan and we kissed shortly then I went on to meet a bunch of other people from high school and people I didn't recognize. I remember talking about game of thrones with a bunch of people. Some guys were doing fireworks outside and I think this was basically the end of the dream.