ghost roommate

Date: 5/15/2017

By deepa

so from where i pick up klaudias kimda drunk or smth n crashes my room it has sort of the layout of my house as well but essentially its geos flat..and she has puke on her clothes so i lend her some shorts and i think shes topless for sleeping? ahahha cant recall but anyway im brushing my teeth bla bla i think i even wash her puked up bikini for wtf why.... n then im coming back to the room and she tells me about a man she saw and a dog or a spider and im asking her WHAT all the other roommates moved out a long time ago and then i peek out and see a creepy worm on the floor and the house feels verrry haunted so i tell her to put some clothes on and this part is all rly brave cus i go to unlock the front door and without panic and i hold open the door which is Incredibly heavy like the ghost wont let us leave and i hold it and let klaudia go thru and Then i close it behind me n lock it and we r outside its kinda dawn/morning ish but still a bit dark so i decide to text geo before we go in. so we r waiting outside for him and idk what he does.. i forgot if He got rid of the evil or he brought someone else along...either way it was fine and then it was just me n geo in there and i got kinda traumatized and didnt wanna go back in timmys room the one that was haunted..umm and somehow im going away to australia to study there..and im leaving in a couple weeks and im packing my bags and borderline also wondering what my mother thinks of that cus first of all how come i had so much money to do it.. it didnt make sense but whatever. so ivw my schedule out and ive my sisters thumbdrive n we look thru it to see if theres any weird shit or nudes and then i settle on a song and my suitcase is in timmys room to save space and geo proclaims for a doublecheck of the bag bwfore i leave and i ask him ok to bring it here but he stays in that room andplays the same song with the laptop there and i go in and help him out and nick more cue cards..even tho it felt likw it upset the ghost Idk.. the end.. lot of missing bits i know it..but this is all the details i could recall