Wasting the Doctors Time and Broken Gym Equipment

Date: 2/8/2017

By TonyDreamer

I am at the doctors because I have a mild sore throat. I feel embarrassed that I have made an appointment for something so minor so I exaggerate my symptoms to feel like I'm not wasting anyone's time. The doctor is very helpful and gives me advice about my throat. He says he thinks it's down to me spending too much time in the shower and the steam has a negative effect on the body. As I leave, he and another doctor feed his many pet gerbils that are in tanks around the room. My girlfriend and I are at the gym. I'm using the leg press machine and she is stood beside me. Suddenly the framework of the machine gives way and the weights slowly drift from the chains, threatening to crush my legs. I turn and shout for my old school friend Craig J and his other friend to hold the weights while I escape.