I love my silicone breasts!

Date: 4/3/2017

By amandalyle

I was supposed to meet up with my friends, Terri and Laura, but when I checked my phone, I saw that was running half an hour late. "They would have probably already eaten by now!" I thought, but walked over to the restaurant regardless. When I walked in, they were with some other friends and I felt a bit of a lemon. Next scene; I was at the swimming pool, trying to find a locker to put my clothes in. But every time I saw an empty one, someone would quickly run over and shove their things into it. I was growing more and more agitated. In the end, I gave up and jumped in the shower instead and was shocked to find that my body had changed drastically. I now had huge silicone breasts that were way too heavy for my body. I liked them though and fondled them as I showered. My nipples looked like they add been cut off and sewn back on. Next scene; I was up on the hills. It was getting dark and I had been walking for what felt like hours. As I gazed down, the town beneath me looked minuscule, like a tiny little toy town. "I must be really high up!" I thought. There were dogs - lots of them - and they were fighting this solo cat. It was making the most horrendous noise and I was tempted to chase them off, but instead I just ignore it and walked on by. Finally, I found these steps going downwards so I wouldn't have to walk for hours. But rather than walking down, I mostly slid as if I were on a slide. I then reached a beach. It looked like I was somewhere exotic like Australia. There were two locals having a midnight BBQ who were trying to make conversation with me. They were friendly enough, but I wasn't interested. I was on a mission and I just wanted to get home. So I gave them one word answers and walked on. Next scene; I was out with Mat. I started talking to this friendly guy, but I could see that Mat was getting upset (or jealous?) I didn't know what his problem was. I wasn't flirting, just having a chat. Mat walked off, so I went back to my house and got into bed to prove that I wasn't in any way hitting on the dude at the bar... but, to my horror, the guy had rocked up at my house and asked to get into bed with me "Oh shit!" I thought. "This does not look good! I just want to go to sleep!"