Date: 6/20/2019

By jamiehaste

some sort of game where me and a bunch of people are in a thing high in the air and o guess it’s sort of a race to get into this pool by fallijgnfrom the sky. I get into the pool a couple times and manage to also land in some soft places like grass and lawns. But on my last jump i’m headed straight for concrete so i steer myself away and end up landing right on a cactus on a brick wall next to a concrete path. I think i black out for a second but then i wake up and people are crowded over me. The girl in year ten is looking at me because i’ve got red tacks stabbed in my body all over me to the point that every time i move a tack goes further in me. I don’t want to move and then someone pulls out a tack that was in my ass and everyone rushes on to tacks off but i stop them becausebblood is gushing from my ass from the one they took out. I got them all out and went back into the air and jumped. I bounced between people and absolutely demolished an old indigenous lady with very very flabby skin. Then i woke up.