Killing spree

Date: 2/15/2019

By eggyeggy

I found my place in this hallway. In front of me was a doorway. The ground was a free carpet and the walls had a cement texture. It looked as if I was playing those 3D animated games and I was literally in it. A group of people on my right side walk towards me and asked, “Would you like to play a game of cards?” These people were, I’d say, around twenty-five to forty years old. At the top right of my view. I see a electric screen that had a mission which said,”play cards.” I don’t know why but I felt as if I needed to kill them. I walked into the room just around the doorway. The room had high ceilings. There was a couch near a fireplace and there was glass dome on the ceiling which let in bright sunlight. As I walked in, five people of the group looked at me. One person was on the couch. I begin shooting rapidly. But..I wasn’t holding a gun. In my left hand, I was holding a phone with a recording of rapid gunshots. Everyone in the room looked at me. I felt a heavy gun in my right hand. It had a red laser on it for aiming. I aimed it at on of the people in front of me and shot. It had around 2-3 second delay before it shot. Once the bullet shot I thought,”Shoot, I have to kill the witnesses now.” I ended up shooting three more people before this guy with gray hair ran at me. I exited the room and turned to my right. As I ran, I looked up and saw it was a dark dead end. I did a sharp U-turn and ran the other direction. The guy behind me still chased. When I ran, I moved to the left side of the hallway. I aimed my gun at the wall and shot. Things then went slow motion. The guy ran in front of the bullet and it hit the side of their head splattering blood onto to the wall. I looked forward and saw a door with bright light shining through its crack. Time sped up and I dashed to the door. The moment I opens it, I woke up.