"Did you call her a c*nt?"

Date: 4/8/2017

By amandalyle

As my daughter Phoebe skipped out of the house with her best friend Megan (who I despise!) I stopped for a second, looked Megan straight in the eye and said "YOU ARE VILE!" She was mortified and ran off to tell her mum. I laughed a psychotic laugh. A laugh of pure evil. "Serves you right, bitch!" I thought. When I went back into the house, Simon was there (I haven't seen him in years) I told him that I called my daughter's friend a harsh word. "Is it cunt? Did you call her a cunt?" He asked. "Um, no... I would never call her a cunt!" I replied, horrified that he would think such a thing. Next scene; there was this huge glass box in the middle of town. I went inside it because I wanted to have some privacy, but everything was three times as loud in there. I became really paranoid that people could hear me through the glass. I tried drying my hair with a hairdryer, but the noise was unbearable. An old friend from college then busted in and was invading my space. I wasn't happy about this at all.