Hairy Ham Sandwiches, Gimp Suits and Majestic Moments

Date: 5/1/2017

By amandalyle

I was at picnic with my friend, Kylie. As we tucked into our lunch of ham sandwiches, I realised that they were hairy. "How strange!" I thought, looking at the fine hairs sticking out of my sandwich. This didn't seem to bother me and I found eating them, regardless. But as I started biting into one, it turned out to be mouldy and I spat it out again. I then took another bite, but it tasted even worse. Finally, I gave up and I threw it in the bin. Next scene; I was looking for an outfit for a kids 1930's tea party...polka dots and that sort of thing, but on the app I was using (which looked like something out of the game 'The Sims') I couldn't find anything other than a gimp outfit. "I can't wear a gimp outfit to a kid party!" I sighed. In the end, I found myself in Primark, but didn't have much luck in there either. "I won't find anything at this rate!" I thought. Next scene; I was on the beach and I was looking at all the pretty houses. As I strolled across the sand, I recognised my old midwife. She was lying on the beach like a beached whale... a sunburned beached whale. "Is she alive" I wondered, and then I quickly walked on. Next scene; I was at a play centre with the kids and my mother-in-law. I was going to take the boys down the slides, but she was fussing over something in her bag. "Oh for Goodness sake, woman!" I remember thinking. "I want to hit the slides!" Next scene; I carry a washing basket of my dirty Landry around Morrisons, wondering where the laundrette was. I felt self-conscious and hoped that I didn't bump into anyone I knew. Next scene; I was sleeping on a blow-up mattress which was really uncomfortable. For some reason, I felt very religious and sat on the end of the bed and prayed. I could feel a bright light beaming out of my body and, for a moment, I felt at one with the universe. It was a powerful experience, but I felt a bit of a fraud... not being a religious person and all.