These Are Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Nights

Date: 2/25/2017

By FalkorAlbelin

Welp, lucid dreams all around I guess. The night started with ordinary dreams but then later I just suddenly became lucid, I will explain. It began in a car with my mother and my dog, things increasingly got weird as we drove down a motorway where she would start speeding up, doing last minute swerving around cars and then even driving on the wrong side of the road. Eventually I jumped out of the car and the police came and then things became more weird, she was no longer my mother but some random crazy lady. I tried to explain to the police but they wanted to take my dog and arrest me, so I grabbed my dog and ran only to be followed by a cop 👮🏻 This is where it got EVEN weirder, I was no longer holding my dog but a small boy, and I was no longer me but of course... Mel Gibson! It really was more of a movie now where Mel was being hunted by Fat-Cop McGee. They got to a lake, Mel ran towards the water and dived and the cop fired straight through Mel's body several times and while underwater Mel said "stomach" with this look 😦. The cop jumped in the after him but had the gun turned around in him and had his head shot off. Long story short, Mel who was me again tried to patch the wound sin the beach but damn did they hurt. The other cops found out I was innocent and made there way to me but I woke up while trying to stop the bleeding. I even woke with my hand feeling he same spot as in the dream. The next short dream before going lucid took place in an old house. I went upstairs to the single attic room to find Rich Piana playing fable: the lost chapters on my Xbox, he was wearing an apron... that's it. And so it begins. This next dream was weird, I was in an apartment building really high up. The apartment was full of mess and my viewpoint was scanning the apartment quickly to find rooms with trash, debris and cockroaches, very fallout-esque. I looked out to window to find hundreds, nay, thousands of zombie like creatures and giants roaming the streets. All I happened to do was look in a mirror and I was able to conclude that I was dreaming. I began to do lots of things in this room like making people appear on demand, but it was short lived because I woke up. Luckily I managed to repeat the process of continuously going back when I woke, and so I carried on in slightly different environments each time. One time I woke up in a bed that had snacks on the side table, they were pretty good 😅 my mum was talking to me as she walked into the other room but instead of staying, I jumped into a mirror to find myself landing in an alternate apartment scene. I was making dream characters who were usually this short- haired blonde woman that I don't recognise, nothing sexual though. One time when I landed back, I was in a long structure on the ground that housed dining tables, either side where continuous windows with blue shutters. Now, all this time I had been looking at my hands and rubbing them together to stay focused, but this time was different. First I began to open/close the shutters with telekinesis, and when they didn't move I tried harder with more authority and eventually I was moving dozens in a single motion. Just then, I turned to find a woman with dark hair, and I realised that I just needed to stay in the dream, but instead of rubbing my hands, I just embraced this woman and tried to explain that I we need to hold on to each other so I don't wake up. I could feel her with my hands and her hand on my back, then as we fell backwards the scene changed again. I was on a road, naked with nobody around. The same woman appeared after a short while and climbed on me but I refused the "gesture" of sex politely and got up. Lastly, another scene arose where it was night and I was outside, next to a party of sorts. I was having a conversation with the comedian and exchanging jokes and whatever. This didn't last long as I was slowly losing lucidity up the here where I was no longer in control. First lucid dreams in months thanks to my pals in the "Dream Journal Ultimate" Kik Group ✌️ cheers 🍻