End Of The World

Date: 3/10/2017

By TheNightmanCometh

I was in a military base in a large warehouse. At one end of the warehouse behind me was a door to a room. I didn't know exactly what was in the room only that it was bad and that I didn't want to go in there. A big garage door was at the other end of the warehouse in front of me. Groupings of people with guns would come through the garage door trying to kill me so I would kill them first. Every time I thought it was done another group would come through. I realized that this would never end and at that point I realized that I needed to go through the door behind me. I went through the door and locked it behind me. I found myself in a room with Windows all the way around. Outside it was a calm and clear night and I could see that the room was high above a lake. I specifically remember that I could see the reflections of all the stars in the lake and it was incredible. Then I saw a giant asteroid was entering our atmosphere. I got the feeling that it was the end but I felt very calm. When it hit I got the overwhelming sensation of falling for an extended period of time, like on a roller coaster. At that point I passed out and enter some other type of world. Everything in this world was much different. There was no hate or war or politics or debt. It was a perfect place. Eventually however I seemed to remember where I came from originally and it was as if I realized that this place only existed in my head. At that moment I woke up in the same room with all of the Windows from before. I was surrounded by my friends but they had all aged about 50 years but I hadn't aged at all. It was a very depressing feeling being back there. I just wanted to go back again but I couldn't.