My Co-worker Probably Thinks I’m Crazy

Date: 2/13/2019

By KingBalcolny

I got a new job recently that I’m thankful for. The hours are for the birds though so most mornings I’m tired (still trying to adjust to the schedule). Also, the extent of my work is sitting in a Ford pick up and following a huge truck deliver new garbage bins to the lovely citizens of San Francisco—I get to sit in the passenger seat 🙌🏿. During most mornings my co worker blasts the heater to get our engines running! And sometimes, and don’t judge me, the heat puts me in this trance and my eye can’t help themselves, so I fall asleep—but not a full on Rem ya know? The kind of sleep where ya minds really not there, but it’s there—you get what I’m saying. Any who, this morning while I was in a “trance”—half asleep, half awake. I had a short dream, it was work related. Inception right? While I’m a work I’m dreaming about being at work. In the dream I was back at the office with all of my co workers. Now, the leading topic of complaint in the office is overtime—I know, most people would love to clock in some OT. Earn some extra cash, save up for that trip you’ve been planing, the works right? Well what if I told you that OT wasn’t an option the majority of the time? And OT was taking away your precious weekend? Then join the complaint huddle, we’re hiring! So the co workers and I are going on about how much we don’t want to come in to work on the weekend. Then one of my co workers gets up and goes on this long rant about how he needs this weekend off, and out of nowhere he blurts out, “I neeeeeed it.” Exactly how Spongebob said it when he went to Sandy’s house for the first time and tried to hold off on the water 😂 So of course I laughed. But I also laughed out loud—like in real life, with my co worker driving the truck, and it was quiet as fuck. He looked at me, knowing that I was asleep and he asked me, “What’s funny?” To which I replied, “Nothing.” Yeah—he probably thinks I’m crazy. 😂