Creepy Limb-Taker Surgeon and Marvel/Spn Characters

Date: 8/3/2017

By JourneyT

I'm not fully sure how it started out but I'll start at the part I remember. I was watching these kids that where living in like a contemporary very modern orphanage, they were fed very well and mostly ignored by the workers. The only strange thing about them was that they had no problems: no allergies, no defects, no mental or physical problems, completely perfect human beings. There was a doctor that would come about once a week to find a very bad problem on one kid, once he saw the kid he wanted he went up to "look at them." This doctor would make sure they had no problems on the outside then would make up a huge problem in which he would have to operate. After that the child he looked at would go with him, and seem to never come back to the orphanage. Most of the kids had forgotten about their taken friends, they felt it was normal to leave. The "main character" of this dream was a little white boy with chestnut hair who was around 11 years old. He was called by the doctor, so he went into the closed off white room. The doctor looked him over, took his temperature and replied "this is absolutely horrible, I am sorrowful for you; you have a default in your (some limb I can't remember.) "Really? I thought I was checked before I was brought here, they said I was fine," the main boy questioned. The doctor looked dumbfounded, but angry so he just sighed and told the child to come with him. Some days had passed and it was time for the main kid's surgery. He thought something had gone wrong because his Sudbury appointment was around noon, but nobody came and it was later in the day. He decided to search around, luckily the surgery room had windows in the doors; if you were getting surgery you may want to know where they will do it too. He glanced in and saw a girl his age being put to sleep, the took a thick tool with a drill and lined her foot on a wooden rest. The doctors drilled into her foot, no reason why, just drilled. The girl wasn't fully asleep, her eyes started to open, thankfully her leg was numbed. They tied her head down and put her back to sleep so she couldn't ask questions or get away. At this point the main character looked away in confusion and fear, he had to get away. So he did, I guess at the point of him being like in the woods he had only gone about two miles. The doctors sent some albino teenage ninja to go capture him. This albino ninja used a cyr wheel, that's like a human sized hoola-hoop you can gracefully move in. This teenager wasn't graceful, most of them aren't. So he would spin on the wheel about 20mph and he caught up to the kid. This is where I come in. I was sitting in a tree and I saw this kid running to the edge of the woods in order to get away from this screaming hoola-hoop albino freak. I just stared. Then I ran to the sacred 12ft river that glowed. I got to the river and my friends said, "we cannot protect the boy longer, the doctor will attack the Noctruva." I think the Noctruva was the small sacred river. The doctor arrived and killed my friends, I couldn't stop him. He blamed me for the boys escape. I denied it and fought him for what seemed like hours, then I fled. I found a grocery store, kinda in the middle of nowhere, but lots of customers. I saw the avengers, I ran to them and asked "where can I find the produce?" Only Bruce Banner replied with a shrug. So I saw a game board box with the avengers and Supernatural characters. I looked at Bruce who was now hulk and pointed to the hulk on the board and asked if the two of them were similar. No reply. He did point to Jared (Sam) from Supernatural and angrily said "those not real." Luckily Jared was standing next to Steve Rodgers. I walked up to him and said "are those real?" He just pulled up his shirt and nodded with a sad no. "Whatever hulk is more ripped" I thought. Then I looked back to the Spn cast and they were gone. I asked Steve where they went and he wasn't helpful at all. I guess I had something to show them so I hurried to find them. Once I did the first thing Jensen said was "are you her for an autograph? How about a picture?" I gave him a disapproving look. "I am in trouble, I need help," I stated. They two main characters looked at each other like I was just one of their crazy fans. Nope, I was Supernatural. I popped out my wings, like the ones Angel had in Marvel. They were slightly shocked, so I had vampire fangs too. I told them my father was a true blood vamp and my mother had wings, and they believed me. They asked how they could help, but by them they were too late. The doctor arrived.