roller caoster accident

Date: 3/7/2017

By deepa

what a lomg and vivid dream i dont even know where to start but im gonna go wigh what i smth like im in this room with a sister figure and we r sleeping in fear cus ourmothers crazy and wants us asleep but we r not sleeping and we r usimg our phones or smth and even geo is there with me. but i think were fine and the next day maybe my sisters sneaked off to another room like a study/toilet and im in our room and i only touch the tv cus it was covered up with some cloths so i touch it and some small alarm starts going off which i later learn that i can stop before it goes insane loud but i just run out cus i know im so fucked and run to my sister and the alarms going off and we r hiding in the toilet area while my mother walks around Raging and loolomg for us.. it was rly scary idk how to explain it cus it was a big house Almost like the austrian horror movie vibe and at some point we agree to go out and ill admit to my shit so we walk around the dark creepy house looking for her and the servant sort of point at some room and when we go in and look up shes sitting very precariously on some weird swing thing rly high up and saying smth to us.. smth like that.. another bit of the dream i feel like im with geo and we r walking by some trees and swings and 3 ppl r on there swinging and one of the swinga go haywire if thats even possible...cant remember what else happened there and geos looking for places with body massages and im tellimg him its all pricey and all of them are 101$ or smth liddat and he just walks into one anyway and im so against it i try n get out of there... ok thats just one random part and then im with this chick idk why and we r shopping for sunglasses and she picks small ugly ones and i tell her itz cool but doesnt cover her eyeballs and she looks at me like im crazy and then i almost also break a mirror but i just lie it down on the shelf instead of propping it up and Rly breaking it...and we come into the store to look for smth else actually like pants or smth bad.. basically the vibes for the whole dream was just bad and spooky. so the last part of the dream was smth like im in this big crowd of kids and ppl and im taking care of them without them getting hurt by their mother or smth and ive some other adults helping out ans one of thems wearing an apron and the apron at the last bit reaches me and i ddcide to wear it for when i get on the we r at some WEIRD theme park it aint even a theme park had one ride maybe and i cant remember if their parents came to fight us but someone stopped our activities but we still proceeded and so fheres a mini show before the ride and im walking with one of my partners and hes walking infront of the machinery and it slightly scratches his feet and he lies there whining so i massage his toe its gross but i didnt wanna make a scene..ok and then we r all strapped in and ready to go but the queue for the ride is insane all the carts r ready to ger launched but theres just So much ppl and we r waiting n waiting it feels so dangerous cus its like the shadiest theme park and weird metal it takes off and im on the third cart with my sister and these r all individual carts mind u not like a roller coaster where its attached and we r going into a downhil the first two carts just get pushed into it and so do we like there was no pause between each cart we were all just pushed so we could have crashes into each other but so far its going fine im sharing the ride with my real sister bu and im screaming even tho its not scary and talking to her..and we see some kids without the carts just jumping around so im like WHAT and she explains to me that theres two optionz one to ride and one to jump the course and im like oh..ok ad move on but its loterally impossible to jump and live on.. basically our ride goes inside buildings like normal malls and airports its strange....and at some point our cart changes course and its going into airports above ppls heads and police ppl but noone cares or seems to notice even tho we r Right above barely scrapping their heads..and i look up and se that the ceiling is not holding us and theres no tracks below us so our carts just floating around and im asking my sister so is there like a magnetic pull thats driving uz around still and i dont think she answers and we r going down and up so its rly weird how we r just floating around and at some point the finale we Float up into the ceiling and go up thru the cables and ceiling shit up many levelz like it was imvisible. and then i wake up still in my dream and i see that therez been a crash therez me and my sister and another cart that crashed indoorz by the way its like in the room of some boutique store or smth and almost like we floated thru the floor and then crashed so the doors r still locked noone aka the public doesnt see us.. except one officer i think who went to call for help i think and so im standing up and its glass everywhere so im carefully standing and one of the three ppl from the next crash was juat lying there making eating noises and i ask him whats he doing and he says smth smth pina colada.. ok so next idk if my sisters awake but we have a common understanding/agreement that these three people are some scary ppl from somewhere maybe linked to some other backstory which i cant recall now so i fear that theyve already bombed the place..ok idk basically the last scene ends woth rick grimes on the outside of the crash and he spots the victims but hes deciding what to do cus he sees his wide lori in there and also shane so he wonderz if he shud save them or not..i think he saves them/us its dumb....thats about it