a dream within a dream within a dream

Date: 7/14/2017

By mrkost

Our family was on a plane with an inexperienced pilot and all of a sudden he started swerving everywhere and then we started heading straight for the ground, the nose of the plane first. We were all sitting very close to the front of the plane so we all got most of the impact. Everything shook, our bodies were forced forward and everything crinkled together around us like a soda can. The oxygen masks fell from the ceiling because no one could breathe. Joy was sitting in the chair in front of me and I started screaming at her to put hers on. All she did was turn around and stare at me with a big smile on her face. She would not move so I sloppily put her mask on for her. Then I woke up. Into another dream. I was sitting on the plane that I dreamt had crashed and I started shaking daddy yelling his name trying to tell him what was about to happen but he was too fast asleep. Then I woke up. In another dream. I was sitting outside of our gate waiting for our plane. Some guy was trying to get mommas attention so she could help him find a pen. But she was fast asleep so I volunteered. There was a pen on the desk behind me and I tried to hand it to him but he shook his head. He told me to go into his office and wait for him so he can tell me where the pen is. I started walking in but I freaked out and left. Then I went to sleep on the chairs outside the gates. And then I woke up.