Puke, An Overly-Friendly Cat and a Trip to Wickes.

Date: 7/3/2017

By amandalyle

I was in Sainsbury's car park and I was having trouble locating my car. After scanning the entire car park, I finally found it behind a van. There was a girl stood by the van, puking all over the ground. I quickly walked on by feeling slightly repulsed. Next scene; I was in this amazing shop that sold everything. I was looking for colour themes for my laptop, but they were ridiculously expensive. My son Alex then dragged me along to the pet section. Here, we met a really overly friendly fluffy cat. It had an abnormally long body and wouldn't leave my son along. It kept wrapping its long body around my son's neck. It was friendly enough, but it was all getting a bit too much and I steered Alex away to look at the rabbits instead. They were given gummy false teeth to snack on, which seemed completely natural to me. Next scene; I was in Wickes, browsing the aisles and I was shocked to see that my friend kylie was still working there ...even after all of these years! She had tucked her polo shirt into her skirt and her boss told her off. She untucked it and it fell down to her knees. It was more of a nighty than a shirt... it wasn't a good look!