Eating sea food and singing

Date: 4/21/2019

By EarthWarden

It’s kind of difficult to place exactly where this dream started. First thing I remember is that my wife and I were going to eat with my family at a fancy seafood restaurant. We had to park quite a ways away and we had our dogs with us. These are two dogs that passed away years ago, Beau and Daisy the bassets. We parked and did something extremely uncharacteristic. we decided to leave the dogs in the car while we ate. We had to walk down the street with skyscrapers on either side to get to the restaurant. On the way we ran into my brother-in-law who had a new kitten. I loved on the kitten for a while and then saw a lizard eating a bug. Finally made it to eat and it was really good seafood. When we were done I realize that we had left the dogs in the car. I return to get them but only got Beau. It was as if Daisy was in the trunk the whole time and I forgot about her. Once I had both dogs we started walking home and I ran into an old friend. We started talking and he had a guitar. Then we started singing and harmonizing and it ended up being really really good. We joked about starting a band and I continued on my way. Leaving there I had to go down a very steep hill. (Wife isn’t there at this point) That turned into a really fun toboggan slide type thing and at the end I woke up