Ghosts, Dreamcatchers and a Fajita Night Flop

Date: 5/2/2017

By amandalyle

I was on a street, looking up. I saw a flickering light in an apartment and what appeared to be a ghost walking in and out of the room. Scared, I walked on and said nothing about it to my kids. I didn't want to scare them. I was going to take them into the Perkin Warbeck (God knows why? that place is a dive!) but I ended up taking them to the post office to withdrawer some money. It wasn't my usual walk, we were walking through a hospital corridor, where we bumped into my mother in laws best friend and she had a Christmas present for the kids "Sorry it's late!" She said. I realised it was the same present she bought them last year and then wondered why she was giving me presents in May. (Late?) It's a bit early, she asked my daughter Phoebe to choose a present from an array of tables that had bits and pieces on. In the end, she picked up a bag with a hologram of a dog jumping into a pair of super pants. "That's so cool!" I said, but as soon as I did, she wasn't so keen on it. Next scene; I was walking through people's allotments and there were loads of pretty flowers. I so badly wanted to steal them, but then I heard someone walking behind me. I came to a gate, and saw the prettiest dreamcatcher. Again, I wanted to steal it, but I chose not to. As I reached my destination, I saw that it was Gok Wan who had been walking behind me all along. "Do you want to join my game show?" (I was now in a tv studio) "No thanks!" I said, and walked on. I wasn't starstruck, I just wanted to get going. I was on a mission. Next scene; I was in a swimming pool with a bunch of kids. We were in a swimming competition, but it wasn't your 'average' competition. We had to read a piece of paper - with what appeared to be our life stories - underwater, and dive down as deep as we could whilst doing so. For some reason, I kept floating back up to the surface and therefore I lost the competition. I felt disappointed. I knew I could do better. Next scene; I had invited my friends Kylie and Alex over. It was fajita Friday....only no one wanted my fajitas. "Alex is sick of fajitas!" Kylie told me. It didn't really matter, I had forgotten to go shopping and didn't have much in. Nick's (Kylie's ex husband) dad appeared from out of nowhere and said "frozen sausages and chips!" And I gasped at the idea. Kylie then told him to "piss off!" He wasn't part of her family anymore. "Maybe Alex could get a takeaway?" I suggested. "I could..." he said "but I don't really want to eat alone!"