eric foreman

Date: 4/20/2017

By deepa

i was dreaming of right before i woke up wasa. dinner scene with the foremans and some other chubby guy who does more slapstick stuff and im basically the camera and its just them eating and eric telling his father about some chick he shud date even tho kitty is right there and red says nope cus she has a spouse whos alive and thats not his policy. and then eric has a monty python reference n then some slapstivk n its over n for someresson red was all along hyde on the table n he wasnt sitting on the head of the table which bothered me. backtracking there was an online magazine article about serens williams and why ppl think shes not hot and smth else about football. and a dream scene where im in a vehicle n as we drive a camera pick up thr shit around ok like a budget google maps.. and we pick up a fight with some girls on a footbsll team and one vhick with rly big tits and a tight dress who was part of the team made no sense but we obly picked up the start of thr fight (her flinging her fist)n by the time we went back the thing was pretty much over. um.. and then smth with my mother n i text my sister overenthusiastically idk.. and another thing with a kid stabbing n killing accidentally another kid with a butter knife and everyone thinking its messed up.. so smth with me sitting with some chick n shes asking me how i know geo cus he was sitting beside me for lecture and i dont answer her and ask her how she knows and she says they text regularly n such and its starting to rain so im stuck talking to her for a bit.. and then um throughout the dream theres a lot of times random ppl pop up to ask if me n group of ppl wanna come for their talks n lecture or whatever. and in the last bit lot of ppl r interacting with him to see if they wanna go n participating in mini course ppl r there.. and um also with the patvh of grass near my place for some reason its a pool and its like right by the road its the grossest location but also rly intriguing and i feel like me.n geo swam in there ina. previous dream but in this dream i talked about it again even gho ive a feeling its This dream.