Dude, where's my car?!

Date: 2/21/2017

By amandalyle

I was stood outside my house smoking, when I realised I had new neighbours. A lively Mexican family - friendly enough! There was also a girl I recognised from school who was once so pretty, but now looked like a complete skag head (#sorryimnotsorry!) As I puffed away, i felt bad about the smoke blowing into the kids faces and kept hiding the cigarette behind my back. Next scene; I was at a large shopping centre, but I had forgotten where I had parked my car. I kept walking around in circles. I walked past a large mirror and saw that I had aged in looks by about 20 years. I was mortified. I then saw my old friend, Amy, walk through the door. I said "Hi" and rustled her son's hair, but she just ignored me. Maybe she didn't recognise me? I then saw another person I knew from my counselling course (Katie). She looked super glamorous and I remember feeling self-conscious as I passed her by. In the end, I gave up and found myself roaming around a little corner shop, instead. I remember buying 1 strawberry cider and drinking it as I walked the tiny aisles. "Should I get one for Mat?" I wondered. "Nah!" I got another for myself instead. Next scene; I was watching the tv when a toothpaste ad came on. To my surprise, there was a new toothpaste out that was in the shape of a denture / set of teeth(?) and it was more of a soap consistency that you foamed up and then brushed your teeth with (minus any packaging) "I don't think I'd fancy using that!" I said to my mum. "I like to keep it simple with my toothpastes. Colgates, just fine!"