The One With “Hard to Say I’m Sorry”

Date: 7/15/2019

By nicolezdzieba

I’m driving through Muirfield at dusk when I see a guy walking the tiniest pug I’ve ever seen. I end up going on a walk of my own when I see him again. The dog has turned into the tiniest shih tzu I’ve ever seen. It rolls onto its back and he lets me pet it. He and I decide to meet up somewhere later on. I continue walking through Muirfield (around the side that Jordan Sepulveda lived) when I see Mrs. Torrie (who apparently also lives in the neighborhood) in her driveway. She has these cool motor scooters (like the Razor pocket rocket), and she says I can borrow one. I ride it home ... I’m driving down the road (possibly on my way to work) when I see Melissa Skarszynski — who’s stopped at a stop sign — yelling at someone over the phone. “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” comes on the radio, and I remember that the members of Chicago wrote this as a tribute to their moms (not really). I’m trying to sing the Peter Cetera parts, but I can’t get the harmony right.