Netball, Bare Buttocks and Cleveland Brown

Date: 1/26/2017

By TonyDreamer

I am a member of an all male netball team. We are currently waiting for our coach on the car park near where I grew up. Old school friend Andrew D throws a shotgun he'd been carrying at a pub. Finally our coach arrives but I realise I left all my stuff at home so have to run back. I'm in a terrible rush, throwing stuff around the house to get ready. I run back to the coach just in time and we make our way. After a while, a young woman on the coach removes her trousers, flashing her bare bottom to everyone in a sexual way. Nobody says a thing, but just exchange shocked glances with each other. Later, fictitious cartoon character Cleveland Brown stands up and gives a heartfelt speech on why people should still love other people even if they go bald.