Date: 5/8/2017

By deepa

a lot with geo but i forgot i just remember him havinf fun at a pool with tash and i cant cus i cant swim so im juat watching sadly. )-; ans then theyre on a highway or smth getting flirty n touchy.. more parts with me on a bus like nus shuttle..umm what else oh ya in some dream i go out for a smoke break n see a02 rschel n brenna fuck there was a whole story for that bit but i forgot.. something like me amelia some other ppl on a big trip to some stupid field idk who i shoplift with maybe amelia and i meet klaudia on the way too but dont think shes hwre i think its a camping trip on a field overlooking tbe sea n such..at some ppint bipling comes on and i look at amelia and we talk about her sating tom hardy or smth.. and then um the next day i gotta leave hannasthere too.. vut everytime we try n leave for fucks sske theres some old person or handicapped person that needs help getting here n there so i never get to go back also another bit where im in a cottage idk how its linked to that dream but im wearimg a nice dress and geos there and i think ed sheerans thsre but ed sheerans a girl who sees me n geo half naked fooling sround and she keeps coming back and im like wtf bitch go away and she takes pics with geo and im jealous