The One Where We Have Scurvy

Date: 8/1/2019

By nicolezdzieba

I’m at Target (the one on Lantana and 441) with some friends when I bump into Strackman at the end of an aisle (by the journals and home decor). I assume that he doesn’t really remember me, but then he says hello and calls me over. He tells me that I need to smile more when I’m driving because he saw me on the road a few days before. We appear in some office somewhere and Ariel (from work) tells me that he’s the best teacher ... I’m at a house that kind of looks like mine (but maybe flipped) with my mom, Renee and Brianna. I don’t feel great, but I have a bunch of errands to run. I look around, and my mom and Renee are both laying miserably on the couches. I ask when we can leave and my mom says, “We can’t. We all have scurvy.” I’m pissed.