Blob Creatures and Runescape Classic

Date: 2/18/2017

By FalkorAlbelin

Strange dreams again... I was back in my old neighbourhood with my dad and dog, the house I lived in was now surrounded by a massive plot of vegetation. An old man on an electric scooter started talking about the land, he mentioned there are precious metals in the ground and took us to see some places to dig. He threw a ball for my dog, which ended up in someone's garden but my dog got out, but then for some reason my dog was on the highway and I was trying to get him off. Later on, there was some weird, fleshy, blob creature that infected a small boy and started chasing me and an unknown person on a quad bike. It was a bit resident evil like. I went to my friends house because I was being chased by what was now the small blob and I held the door from the inside, don't remember anymore here. Lastly, I recall a strange segment where I was in some sort of fairly occupied cave, where a few friend from long ago were talking about runescape classic. This was only short as I woke up, but it was still vivid. I should have recognised my friends as being a dream, plus being back in a country I don't live in anymore, especially in the older house. I did try and take control at one point because I knew a part of the dream was completely repeated from a few hours before and so I was able to recognise it, but it didn't work and I woke up. Dream signs: friends, old house and neighbourhood, vidya games.