Since when did my mum become 'Gansta?'

Date: 3/21/2017

By amandalyle

I was back in school trying to find the maths block because I wanted to retake my maths GCSE's, only I kept ending up in the English block "Dammit! So much has changed!" I sighed. Next scene; Mr Fielding (my old head teacher) busted into my house and started doing DIY in my garden. I was sat watching him 'break his back' whilst I had my feet up. My friend kylie was there and I was laughing about a dream I had dreamt, but she wasn't listening. I got frustrated, so I then told her about this other dream I had about her boyfriend Alex. In this dream, he was sitting on the sofa and cuddling someone we went to school with, called Roxanne. "He's not into Asians!" Kylie snapped. "But she isn't even Asian?" I thought. Next scene; I drove over to see my mum. She was riding around in an open-top Jeep with hip hop music blaring (along with some white-haired 'homies') I giggled and hoped that I would be this 'cool' when I reach her age. I then helped her to unload her car. She'd brought a heap load of plants... not so 'homie', after all. Next scene; I was in a cafe with my friend, Robee, and an older woman who owned the place. Robee was trying to feed me grapes, but I wasn't really interested. "No thanks!" I said, pushing them away. The owner of the cafe was complaining about how much she hated students. "Taking up seats with their laptops, eh?" I said. "Exactly!" She replied. I looked around to find the place was dead. Next scene; I was in the backstreets of Italy (or so it appeared) there were lots of pretty huts and my mum was gushing about how lovely they were. We looked in the window to find they were absolutely tiny. As we walked around the village, my mum kept picking up loose change. "I'll ave eee!" She'd say, whisking it into her pocket. I then lost my daughter - she had gone off somewhere - so we had to look for her. We asked some locals and they had found her. One guy seemed friendly to begin with, but then I found him a bit inappropriate about how he was being with my daughter. But she was oblivious and just seemed concern with not having WiFi. Next scene; I was on a work placement. I was looking after this 'out of control' boy. I was nervous, but I really clicked with this little chap and he seemed to take a liking to me. He trusted me. He looked like Russel from the movie UP (why do I keep dreaming about this guy?) only in real life... when I had to go home, he jumped off the bus (or horse and cart, I think it was?) and started following me. The child psychologist dragged him back onto the cart and scolded him. I felt sorry for the poor little guy. As I walked on, I saw a naked transgender (guy who is now a girl) riding along in a mobility scooter. So proud of her new vagina, she had it out for all to see. (It was a nice looking vagina, to be fair! Respect to the surgeon!) She received some looks (some good, some bad) One man asked if she was a dude, to which she replied "I have a VAGINA, can't you see!" .."Yeah, but your face looks manly!" He said, rather rudely. She wheeled away upset. Next scene; I was in the kitchen boiling up animal blood in a pan. It splashed onto my hand and I felt repulsed. (Maybe I had this dream because I ate a DAMN Mcdonold's that day...and later regretted it!)