Climbing to Heaven

Date: 2/23/2017

By rubyisabel1

I'm with my mom, heaven, and Gina. My mom was acting really strange. She started acting very religious and said she wants to go find the secret passage to heaven. I thought she was crazy. Then all of a sudden she comes with a tram with a bunch of random people in it and says "let's go!" Next, we are climbing a mountain. She says that we need to get to the top in order to get to heaven. I'm pissed. She was acting absolutely insane. Later all of a sudden i have a boyfriend. It was Austin Butler. (Probably bc i was watching the carrie diaries last night lol) anyways, I'm walking with him and telling him that my mom has gone completely nuts. He says "you never know there can be a heaven". I get even more pissed. I'm yelling at everyone saying that they're all crazy and that there's not going to be anything at the top. And finally when we get to the top, There's these huge rocks that open to get through to the secret place and my mom opens them and I was right the whole time. There was NO heaven it was a hotel. We all start running in and we see a pool and we get a hotel room and we realized we were stuck there forever until another person opens the rocks from the outside. And then I woke up.