Drunks, Psychics and Cigarette-butt Eating Hedgehogs

Date: 4/30/2017

By amandalyle

I was walking around this school and remember seeing a load of drunk people walking around. Most of them had missing legs. I was so appalled that I told my friend, Ash, who said I should write a letter to her mum. Is this the type of school I wanted to send my children? Exasperated, I longed to sit out on the bench in the sun, but the drunks were out there and they looked intimating. "It's better to stay inside" I thought. Inside, there was this psychic taking readings. I wanted him/her (I couldn't work out their gender) to do a reading for me, so I thought of something they wouldn't be able to guess in a million years. "What did I put in my bag this morning?" I asked. They thought for a minute, closed their eyes and mustered up some psychic energy. I could tell they were struggling so I said "blu..." "Blue sunglasses!" They finally said. For some reason, I was blown away by this. Like it was the most amazing thing. Goosebumps coated my arms and everyone applauded. Next scene; My daughter Phoebe was being a pain. Everything I asked her to do, she would rebel against. I asked her to clean out this kid's playhouse in the back garden, but when I went to check, it hadn't been touched. It was still a mess. Inside, there were tiny baby hedgehogs eating cigarette butts. "How bizarre!" I thought. "I didn't know they like them!" There were also little mice eating ants. Phoebe had gone up to her room, I saw her twitch the blind in the attic room. I then saw her dad (who I have spoken to in 4 years!) and asked him to help, but likewise, he didn't lift a finger. "I'll just have to do it myself!" I huffed, and set to work.