Stress sad

Date: 9/11/2019

By cloudkau

I had a dream i was student teaching with earlyedventures and then she was happy she switched to highscjol English bc she can be more herself. But she was like “then Columbus was like what the fuck is up?” Then it switched to me helping auntie set up her classrook because we was an English teacher but she had a bunch of stuff from her boutique around it hahaha And tim, kisha, mom, and a HUGE POODLE like FAT was there and i was mad that it was there and not buddy. So i ask mom where’s buddy and she said she left him in her car for the entire day with the window cracked. I was so mad and yelling at her and asap rocky was behind us. We got in the car with Serena and went to the animal shelter parking structure where her car was. Meantime i was on the phone with Rocco and start talking to the parking garage security lady about parking passes and fastrsck. Then, they bring buddy AND VADER. I was so confused. Then in over at grandmas house and she’s worried she’s going to die soon and so am i. So she gives me a stack of books and each of them has a special letter for me. Like a small note written inside of them. My dad kept trying to make jokes but i was getting angry because it was very serious and important to me. I started to cry. I then texted grandma to leave me a voicemail whenever she calls and i don’t answer so i have her voice forever. I love her