An intrusion of my privacy in a toilet cubicle

Date: 2/27/2017

By amandalyle

I was in sainsbury's with one of the dads I recognised from school. We were both reading children's books. I've never spoken to him before, but I did make a bit of small chat with him. Next scene: I was at a party with Mat and his friends. I kept receiving strange messages from random guys. One was from Alex (a strange blogger dude I know) but this text turned into an actual 'old skool' letter - it was strangely inappropriate, with pictures of women glued onto a sheet of paper and sexual descriptions of what he's like to do to them. "This is fucked!" I thought, and shoved it in the first bin I could find. I recognised a different Alex at the bar with another guy. He told me I was looking great and I thanked him. A girl came over and asked if he wanted to buy any drugs: "I haven't done any drugs since my daughter was born!" He said. "..."but what's the drug, cocaine?" "NO, it's a natural psychedelic called DMT!" She replied. He took her up on the offer and handed her some money. I walked upstairs to use the bathroom. I noticed that I had three huge holes in my tights which completely ruined my outfit. In the toilet cubicle, as I urinated, the door kept flying open and exposing me to everyone. I getting up to close it, but then this young woman came in through a complete different door and started chatting away to me whilst I was trying to do my private business. "Will you just piss off!" I thought. When I walked out of the toilet cubicle, there was a mother and baby group going on right in the middle of the room. "How inconvenient!" I thought. There was a tearaway child, who kept running up to the other children and scaring them or taking their things. Later in the evening, I was going through pictures on Mat's iPad when I thought I saw a picture with a naked female body in the background. After second glance, it was just a trick of my mind. "Did I just see that or am I going mad?"