A Ross Gellar tanning moment 😳

Date: 3/11/2017

By amandalyle

I was fake tanning, but was struggling to reach those hard-to-reach areas! I asked my friend to help me cover my white bits but, instead, she kept going over the bits I had already done. I was turning a darker shade of coffee bean and I was beginning to panic. It was one of those ... shall we say... "Ross Gellar tanning-machine moments!" Next scene; My mother-in-law was wittering on about a long list of illnesses, and I remember trying to get a word in edge ways about how my mum has been struggling with aches and pains, but she just spoke over me and I remember feeling really frustrated. #standard. Next scene; I was kissing Mat, but as I did, I could feel my front teeth caving in. "That's strange!" I thought, quickly checking them with my tongue. For some reason, I now had false teeth in place of my own. I was horrified, and then tried to avoid kissing him at all costs. Next scene; I was getting the kids out of the car, when Mat said "Here, you can have the rest of these!" And passed me over a packet of cigarettes. I declined because my daughter was looking and I didn't want her to know that mummy would do such a disgusting thing. Luckily, she didn't catch on.