Drugs and Ex

Date: 4/15/2019

By KayDeeKay

Overall a frustrating dream. I was back in a time where I was with my ex boyfriend. We were at the beach with some of my old friends. It was my birthday and for some reason, in passing my ex gave me a small bag of cocaine as my gift. It didn't really make sense , but it came across that he was dealing drugs again and just couldn't find the time to focus on anything else. My friends seemed very absent as well, mentally, they just sat there like zombies. Anyway, we are up on this dune overlooking the beach with huge waves. I decided to rent a kayak to go in the ocean. By the time I came back, everyone wanted to do something else so I just walked a long with them dragging the kayak. I would occasionally go in my bag and take some of the cocaine and rub it on my gums. I'm not sure why I wanted to do this. I wondered why I was still dating my ex and hanging with these friends who obviously didn't care about anyone or anything. The dream ends with me just being angry and feeling empty, though watching the waves are the beach was relaxing