blowin in the wind

Date: 4/15/2017

By deepa

so some dream about the cat next door thats so cute and that runs away everytime it sees me and i think in the dream i win its trust n it comes to me and loves me and tries getting inmy house its so sweet. and then anothwr dream with me n hanna n klaudia and there dave n someone else twlling us about a mpvie or smth later on? and somehow im in a car we r all running away from someone and hanna n klaudia escape but im with this person and hes asking interrogating me where they r and i say idk and them i see a nearby shop flag blow in the wind and i think of the song that goes 'the answer my friend is blowing in the wind' but i ignore it.later when im released i go into the ahop which was old chang kee by rhe way and there they are literally beside the door being so happy n nonchalent and im telling themWTF u were right here if i had gone with my bob dylan instincts they would have found u n klauds goes to the toilet n all that the end.. there were some other dreams but i cant properly remember