missed exam

Date: 5/3/2017

By deepa

i reach my exam really late and im looking for the correct hall even tho im right in it and i look for my seat and there r ppl discussing the answers its weird n the teacher who showed me my way to the table kinda shows me the answers and i see jeraldine and as soon as she realises she tells me the answers she says oops now we gotta do a whole new paper and deep down im cool with it since im extremely late but the rest of the people are pissed. and i was late cus i was eating with geo and i was eating some rly odd food and i remember rushing off and leaving my phone with him to ask him to charge while im away and when i get back from the paper its not so im a bit upset at him. and then smth with his house? his mom? ok ive Already forgotten..wow and smth with my contact lens were seperated in two plastic things and it was odd for me to put them together n then stick it in my eyeballs