A Disastrous Interview, A Real Life Horror Movie and a Party Pooper

Date: 4/24/2017

By amandalyle

I was at an interview for St Margaret's Hospice, but my mum was there answering all the questions for me and I was so put off my mind went completely blank. I could tell that they weren't impressed. I had a complete meltdown on the way home and told mum it was all her fault. Next scene; I was in Toys r us with my aunty Doreen. We spotted a double toy pram and she desperately wanted to buy it (I don't know why? She doesn't have any young children) and she told me it was 30 pounds. We all chipped in (for some reason we were with two little girls) but then we realised there wasn't enough money. The pram was actually £39.99 not £30 as we originally thought, so I gave her some more money towards it. For some reason, she handed the money back and I ended up with more money than I originally had. "Winner!" I secretly thought. Next scene; I was in bed with my children, Phoebe and Maxi. I was reading them a nighttime story that then turned into a horror movie. It was way too scary for Maxi but he insisted on watching it. I turned the light off, hoping this would set the ambience, but the room around us turned into the actual horror movie set. We were in a hippie (zen garden) only it was really 'trippy' and haunted. Monsters and ghosts kept crawling out of different spaces. They were creeping closer and closer to the bed. My son was shaking with fear, but when I asked him if I should put the lights back on, he replied "I'm not scared!" (Typical Max!) Next scene; I was throwing a party for my friend, kylie. For some reason, I needed blue stuff. Was it a baby shower? Mat was there, but he made it clear that he didn't want to get involved. He told me he had 'other plans' but I doubted this. I needed to do a food shop, but he said he had to go off shortly (to do something?) and therefore I had to take the kids with me. On my shopping list was blue balloons, table cloth and paper plates. Oh, and shit loads of Prosecco and a pack of cigarettes. The food shop was a complete nightmare and I was well and truly pissed off when Kylie turned around and said, "I'm only going to say a little while, I have other plans with Hannah!" (Her arch enemy) I was seething, but said "Okay, that's fine. Do what you have to do!"