Black Bee

Date: 5/25/2017

By FalkorAlbelin

I had a weird dream that I was in some form of public transport with a load of people I knew. We paid for luxury seats and a few of us were playing on an iPad game. I recall the trainer from the gym talking about missing training and whatever, I didn't take notice. Next I recall being in some weird surreal landscape transitioning to the next stage, here we were talking about tom cruise and how he's good at a few things but he's still a scientologist. Finally I remember being inside a building where a man was stealing this important thing, inside a box labelled black bee. We fell out of a window together and from here on out, I was on his tail. When I got hold of the box, we were in a car park with two security guards, I managed to get the villain injured as I got away in a car. Pretty cool dream to be honest, I really overpowered the guy in the final stages, but it was almost comical how he was getting hurt, it wasn't very serious at all