Digital art 4k scene from a movie: Generate an image of a person holding an Indian head penny in a living room, looking dumbfounded while a family member tries to explain that having sex with a spouse does not count as having sex with family.


Date: 4/30/2019

By blucanary

~I really just remember one scene (well, technically it's 2 scenes I guess). ~Scene 1 - My ex, whom I call Dick (bc he is one) was over. (Irl we had gotten married, but after he spent a year in jail for drug issues, we decided to take a break. Then he just up & disappeared, so we never even got a divorce). We were at my mums house. She was coming home from a short vacation, and he was leaving. He had gone into her room (me following behind) and grabbed an Indian head penny out of her secretary. I thought it was his that he had stashed in there while she was gone (and now that she was coming home, he was retrieving it). Scene 2 ~ Dick and I were on the phone. I asked him abt the penny, if it had been his or not. He said no. I told him he needed to give it back! My mother really cherished those things for whatever reason. Again he said no. I kept on abt him returning it. He was like, "It's not happening"! This went on for a while. I finally told my mum, while still on the phone w/ him, what he had done. My mum usually FREAKS THE FUCK OUT at even the tiniest thing, but surprisingly she didnt even really care. I still did though! I threatened to call the cops bc, as I said in the dream, "It isnt a matter of WHAT you stole, it's a matter of the fact that you stole something at all"! He replied w/ "Really?! You're gonna call the cops?! And what are they gonna think abt me having sex w/ my family, right in that house, bc I'll tell them everything"! I was flabbergasted at his stupidity! I was like, "Dude! I'M YOUR WIFE! AND THIS IS YOUR MOTHER-IN-LAWS HOME! YOU & I ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE SEX! HAVING SEX W/ YOUR WIFE IS BY NO MEANS CONSIDERED "HAVING SEX W/ FAMILY"! To which he said, "Oh yeah, you're reeaally stretching it, aren't you?!" I was so incredibly stupified by his remark that I was holding the bridge of my nose trying to wrap my head around his stupidity! ~ And those are the 2 scenes I remember. Dick being a stupid@$$ dick, bc that's what he does.

AI generated interpretation In your dream, the presence of your ex, whom you refer to as "Dick," likely represents unresolved feelings or issues related to your past relationship with him. The fact that he is engaging in deceptive and inappropriate behavior in your mother's house suggests a lack of boundaries and respect for personal space and belongings. The Indian head penny that he takes could symbolize something of value or significance that he is taking from your life or from your family dynamics. Your strong reaction to his refusal to return the penny reflects your emotions of anger, frustration, and a desire for justice or accountability. The conversation with Dick on the phone about the penny highlights a power struggle and a clash of values or principles between the two of you. You wanting him to do the right thing and him adamantly refusing could signify a recurring pattern of conflict and confrontation in your interactions with him. The bizarre accusation of having sex with family members is a symbolic representation of a distorted perception or false accusation being made against you. This could indicate a fear of being misrepresented or misunderstood in your relationships or in your life in general. Overall, your dream may be reflecting unresolved feelings, conflicts, and boundaries related to your past relationship with your ex, as well as your desire for justice, honesty, and respect in your interpersonal interactions. It could also suggest a need to clarify your own values and boundaries to prevent being manipulated or misunderstood by others.