A Waterslide, a Break-in and a Supermodel Ghost 👻

Date: 5/27/2017

By amandalyle

I was at my old high school, but it had changed somewhat. The school itself was designed backwards to how things were back in the day. It was more modern, too. There was a large inflatable slide in one of the rooms. It looked so much fun. As I slid down it, I realised there was water at the bottom and I got soaked right through. Somehow, my clothes miraculously became dry again. Just like magic! Next scene; I had broken into the home of one of my fictional characters (I'm co-writing a book) - a therapist. I soon realised that he wasn't there. There was stuff everywhere, like there had been a break in. I looked back at the front door and saw what looked to be a postman. He glared at me for a second, then he climbed into a car crammed-packed full of stuff - stolen goods. I turned back around to see the therapist and his new girlfriend (Gigi Hadid) but it was clear that they had both passed over to the spirit world. They were slightly transparent in appearance, as they canoodled together on the sofa. Had they been a murdered? I wondered. Next scene; I was driving my car around and around in circles while watching the petrol meter wither down. I then got bored and parked up, but my car changed into my mums and I had trouble locking it. Next scene; I was on a bridge with my friend Jenni - she'd finally picked up my texts. I asked why everyone from our friendship group had been ignoring me, but she just shrugged and walked off. I felt frustrated and sad.