Max and Nev's New Tv Show Featuring; Crazy Possessed Lady.

Date: 8/18/2017

By amandalyle

There was a woman chained to my dining room table. I didn't recognise her, but it was evident that she was possessed by some kind of demonic spirit and she needed to be contained. Nev and Max (from Catfish) were there, filming it as part of their new TV show. "We need to sedate her with more alcohol!" Nev said, backing away from the wild woman. I opted to go to the shops, because she was becoming crazier in nature and I was, quite frankly, crapping my pants. Max decided to come with me, because, likewise, he was totally freaked out by this crazy possessed woman. On my return, I asked if my best friend had arrived. I didn't want her missing out on all the action. Apparently, she was busy cooking dinner and was going to be a few hours late. "Let go ahead!" Nev said, "we're running low on alcohol!"Just as Nev started reading from the bible, I woke up... Dammit! I was hoping for a Max and Nev cock sandwich... *sad face*