Hysterical laughter, Jared Leto and Just For Men

Date: 6/21/2017

By amandalyle

I was heaving large furniture around in my old childhood bedroom. After moving a great big shelf, I laughed hysterically. I'm not sure what was so comical? I then sat down and puffed on an electronic cigarette. Next scene; I was on a countryside walk with the kids and my mother in law. She told the boys to stay close, there were strange people in this wood. Just as she said this, we walked past Jared Leto (looking rather homeless) He was playing his songs on an old skool cassette player. The music was so loud, we walked past pretty fast. Next scene; Kylie, Alex and I were getting ready for a night out. We were talking about Mat and how he was getting on in Dubai. Alex then turned to me and said how old Mat was looking. "He's so Fucking grey!" He laughed. I was like, "How dare you! I Just For Men'd his hair not so long ago!"