pretty tiring

Date: 2/21/2017

By deepa

lot of dumb shit altogether and lots of interruptions to my sleep so i feel Rly tired.. so some parts of it r gone gone so one bit is like a big amazing race or smth idk and im Pretty sure ed sheeren is there and the last game he finds out his date is pete doherty n like his mom is courtney love or smth he has all these other info which is the point of the game maybe idk but anyway i notice that he isnt sweatimg at all cus its a long hike n run bla bla but at some point when hes climbing back up to the end point he takes his shoe off and ots dripping like its pouring n the sweats being swung around everywhere.. Madness. and anothwr part is predrinking with geo n his friends? at some point we go to macs for ice cream? or smth? um another part where i strongly believed that i woke up in the middle of the night and ate a burger n fries cus i was So hungry... it felt so real cus i geniunely felt like i remembered thay i ate it n fell asleep but somehow still managed to finish eating in my sleep..weird. and then smth like a hot teacher? female? idk and i was asking her if she needed help with anything n i offered her help basically... some part of the dream i was in the game with ed sheeren the same game but the last part basically geo and some guy were like laying on top of me and geo was kissimg n this other guy was just doing cheek kisses since he cant do lips and it was strange... last part smth with like giving out alevel results or smth? but lots of smss bitches were there with their uniform i think it was some random teacher giving us a pep talk but i felt like lena koh was there or i imagined her to be there..and lot of bitches were crying and i was talking to some bitch n the one crying i was checking if its happy tears and she said yes after that i was shiftimg around n i was wearing my boots and i chose to sit back front...and i talked to pewdiepie or smth jesus christ n his girlfriend? and i was telling her how grateful i was to have worked for them these couple years and that they were good bosses and she didnt seem to care...idk the end