Framing Someone w my own Decapitated Head MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Date: 3/3/2019

By blucanary

I was at my Grandmothers house (it was pretty much her house irl but larger) with my family (my mother, my big sister, others that I camt quite recall)... We were all hungry. There seemed to be a shortage of money (w just us or w the world, Idk..but we were hungry amd had no food!) My big sister Michelle must have been cranky w hunger (yeah yeah "hangry".. I hate that stupid word)bc she was mad at me for what seemed to me to be no reason at all. That wasnt like her. She's usually so loving and forgiving amd nurturing. She was sitting sideways on a big armchair w her legs draped over the left arm of said chair. She looked at me and saod something rude. I was taken aback and just walked off. Why is she acting like that?! She just got out of the hospital irl. She almost died from some strange virus she got by some fluke. Bc of that crazy virus her body is now really weak and ahe has to more or less than to walk on her own again. I was with her all last week from the very day she came home from the hospital. I give her daily therapy, I combed the MASSIVE knot out of her hair from lying in a hospital bed for rwo weeks on a breathing tube (she has LONG hair!!) The knot started at her scalp and stuck abt 5 inches out, covering the ENTIRE back of her head. She thoight she was going to have to shave her head! It took my two days just to get it out! I helped her shower and go to the bathroom..even helped clean her up when she accidently crapped herself [bc she has very little control right now])..and we were fine that whole time! So where is this anger from?! I was hurt. So I took it out on this other family member (a cousin maybe?! Idk her irl) That's coming up in a moment, lol. My grandfather had decided to go kill us some food so we wdnt starve. He said it might not be very tasty, but it was all he could do. I wasnt sure what he was catching, but I was hungry so I didnt care. As I walked around the house I saw a basket of candy. It was almost Valentine's Day in my dream and my Gma had different candies in the basket for us grandchildren. They werent labeled yet, but I knew they were for us. There was also some small individual candies so I took a couple pieces. I put them in my back pocket and went into the living room where my gma was just waking up from a nap in her chair. She was all smiles and got up. I took off my pants (I had blue corduroy shorts beneath my jeans for some crazy dream reason) and put the pants haphazardly on the couch. I also threw down some other stuff on the floor. Gma went to the stiff on the floor and picked it up, chiding me for leaving a mess. I ran towards the couch to get my jeans before she could because I didnt want her finding the candy I stole. I put the pants back on and went into the dining room. My grandfather had made it back and was cooking his kill. The rest of the family sat down at the dining room table. We had a plate of garlic bread (slightly burnt) that we were all sharing. Michelle and her little boy Dakota was near the head of the table. I remember that bc after everyone had one slice of toast there was still some left over. My mum said we cd have more but Michelle said that her and Dakota were going to finish it up. There was planty for everyone so I hurried up amd grab a few pieces for myself (4 pieces so I cd get some cheese and make 2 sandwiches..even though I knew I cdnt eat 2 sandwiches). Then my grandfather brought out the cooked kill. He layed it upon the table. Ot was a bull. A very large bull! Somehow he had cooked it all in one piece! Parts looked golden (literally as though they were made of gold) and other parts looked leathery. His lips looked like human lips. And upon inspecing his horns I thought how none of us cd eat those (obviously, lol). I had a small slice of bull and when I finished I got up to leave the table. That's when that cousin(?) I mentioned before that Idk irl said something beneath her breath to the person next to her while glaring at me. I glarwd back and told her much I hated her! She said she hated me too and I stormed over to her with food in my hand. I rubbed the food all over her hair and tried to get it stuck in there. Someone at the table (maybe my cousin Jeremy I think) said "That's one way to get tangles"! I walked off and just I reached my bedroom and began to shut the door I saw her exit the dining room after me. She reached the door just in time to prevent me from shutting the door all the way, but it was ALMOST completely closed (I just cdnt lock it) so she cdnt get it. I lied down on the floor w my ceet against the door so she cdnt get it. I had plans for her! Somehow I KNEW I was abt to be murdered. Someone was going to come i to my room real quietly through the window and kill me. There was going to be blood EVERYWHERE. The whole family heard her say she hated me and saw us fighting, then saw her run after me. When only minutes later she discovers my dead bloody body, everyone will think SHE did it!!! So I had to make aure she didn't make it into my room until after I was killed! My feet were towards the bottom of the door (the very bottom unfortunately) so she decided to grab a feather from nearby at stick it in the crack of the door to tickle my feet. I HATE being tickled!!! So I had to scootch my body closer to the door so I cd put my feet higher up on the door so I cdnt be tickled through the crack. Unfortunately, when I went to move my feet up on the door, I moved them not only in my sleep but irl as well. Since my big dog Juno was sleeping on one side of me (practically on top of my legs) and my s.o. Al was on the other side (and both of them are on TOP of the blanket whereas Im beneath it) it made moving at all very difficult. Trying to get my legs up like this irl woke me up. I WAS able to fall back asleep not long afterwards though and saw one more part of the dream! Unable to get into my room through the door, my b***h cousin decided to go around to the window outback. So sneaks benath the window so I cant see her. She makes it to my window. She slowly peeks her head up and into my window. She sees me lying on the floor w my legs still against the door. My head is facing the window and my eyes are wide open facing her. She only gets a quick glance bc 1. My bed is against the window itself so she cant see what is on the floor between my head and the bed, and 2. Seeing my eyes, she thinks she might be busted so she QUICKLY ducks back down. Now what she DIDN'T SEE, was 1. My blood ALL OVER the floor on the side of my bed , guahing out of the side of my head that's on the floor, and 2. the murderer whom is still in my room. Now HE saw her, but I didnt (bc Im already dead). While she's ducking beneath my window waiting for the right opportunity to look into my room again and then sneak into my room to get me back for smashing food into her hair, the murderer is now busy decapitating me. It takes but a moment, and he picks my body-less head up by the hair amd slams it against the window she is lying beneath. This gets her attention. She looks up to see what made the sound, and see's my decapitated head smooshed against the window w blood coming out of my neck (running down the window) and out of my mouth. She screams and runs inside, "SUMMER'S DEAD!!! OH MY GOD SUMMER'S DEAD!! AHHHH!!" but by the time everyone makes it to my room, the murderer is long gone. My final plan worked. They all think SHE killed me. Yay. I won....I guess. I mean, not really, bc I was both killed AND had my head cut off, but still.... I got her in trouble BIG TIME one last time! So... I kinda won. I guess. Maybe. I dont know.

AI generated interpretation This dream contains elements of family dynamics, guilt, anger, betrayal, and a sense of victory at the end. The dream setting of your grandmother's house, which is familiar but larger than in reality, may represent feelings of being overwhelmed or out of place in your family dynamic. The shortage of money and scarcity of food could symbolize feelings of lack, deprivation, or insecurity in your waking life. The focus on your sister Michelle, who is usually loving and nurturing but suddenly irritable, may reflect feelings of confusion and hurt in your relationship with her. The recent experiences of caring for her in real life due to her illness may be triggering emotions of resentment or unexpressed frustrations, leading to the anger between you in the dream. The act of framing someone with your own decapitated head could signify a desire to project blame or guilt onto others, as well as a fear of being judged or punished for your actions or intentions. The aggressive and vengeful behavior towards your cousin in the dream may stem from feelings of betrayal or unresolved conflicts within your family dynamic. The portrayal of your grandfather as the provider of food, the discovery of candy in your grandmother's house, and the family meal with cooked bull could symbolize themes of nourishment, indulgence, and primal instincts. The aggressive altercation with your cousin and the anticipation of being murdered could suggest feelings of paranoia, vulnerability, and a need for self-preservation in the face of perceived threats or conflicts. The final confrontation with your cousin, where she discovers your decapitated head and is blamed for your death, may represent a subconscious desire for retribution or justice against those who have wronged you. The sense of victory or vindication at the end of the dream, despite the gruesome outcome, could indicate a desire for emotional closure or resolution in your waking life. Overall, this dream may reflect underlying feelings of powerlessness, unresolved conflicts, and a need for validation or justice within your family relationships. It may be helpful to explore these emotions further and consider how they relate to your waking experiences and interactions with your family members.