Egg drop

Date: 3/27/2019

By rubslug

Abby is showing us these awful emo ass old YouTube videos of her like recounting all her issues in life and I wanna strangle her s bad. She’s trying to make me feel bad for her and I’m disgusted. Then she starts showing us these fad videos called egg drop vids and they’re apparently where people like throw eggs around to music. I’m pissed and retreat to my room bc abby is making me wanna die and weird shit happens there, meanwhile abby and Morgan are upstairs hanging out with cade.. I am not allowed to. Then I come back down and see abby and she’s like “Morgan IMEMEDOAtely compared your egg drop video to hers...” and I start fuming with rage and push my way upstairs Nd I we start yelling and laughing, Cade wakes up from his sleep on a couch in the closet of the bedroom (which is my bedroom irl). I’m like “I don’t HAVE an egg drop video what am I GAY” and Morgan is like WELL WHAT ABOUT THE EMails and for some reason thats fucking hilarious and we are all dying . Then Cade sees a sticker on my phone of a duck but it has its anus exposed and he starts yelling about that. This dream was very loud and angry I think bc I had my fan on while I slept . And also I am angry