A Lesbian Encounter, Wet Furnishings and a Nightmare Holiday.

Date: 9/24/2019

By amandalyle

I was in bed with this girl (who looked like a boy) but who was, nonetheless, very beautiful. She had short hair and dark brown eyes. I climbed on top of her and we started kissing passionately. As I kissed her neck, I noticed that she had these really nice tattoos. I felt extremely turned on and wanted to take things further, but then she saw that I had a framed photograph of us together and she got a bit freaked out. “I’ll come back later!” She said, quickly scampering to her feet, but I knew that I’d never see her again. Next scene; I was at someone’s house babysitting this little girl along with my kids. They were all sleeping in this converted attic which had a winding staircase to get to. The little girl was sat on this sofa but surrounding her feet was a huge puddle. “Why is the floor wet?” I asked. “I don’t know?” She shrugged. I then went to sit on a different sofa and that was soaked right through too. “Is this wee?” I asked. There were wet patches everywhere and nowhere for the kids to sleep (as everything was wet) When her mum came upstairs to say goodbye, I mentioned that she had pissed everywhere and that everything needed to go in the wash, but she just shrugged and told us all to have a nice night. “For fuck sake!” I huffed, shoving everything into the laundry basket. Next scene; I was staying at this cheap chalet with my husband Mat and the kids. There were so many people that I was feeling hugely claustrophobic. Plus, we had forgotten some basics like toilet roll and shower gel. “I’ll go out and get some!” I said. But first, I needed a wee. The toilets were more horrendous than I could imagine. The door wouldn’t lock so two ladies came in (one of whom was completely topless!?) while I was on the toilet. Rather than apologising and walking back out, they stood and had a conversation. One of them whipped out two pregnancy tests and the results were positive. “Just piss off!” I remember thinking. For some reason, I was holding a tub of soaking wet, mushed up toilet paper(?) Linda, my boss, had agreed to give me a lift to a shop, but as we were driving along, she mentioned that my hours might be going down to 40 hrs per month. “But I won’t be able to live on that!” I replied. She shrugged and said no more about it. In fact, the entire car journey was painstakingly awkward. She then dropped me off at a pub, which was really unhelpful, as I needed to find a shop. (Not a pub!!!) This rowdy group of people called me over and asked me whether I wanted to join in a drinking game. “No thanks!” I said. “Go on!” They all cheered, patting the bench for me to take a pew. “I really need to go!” I said. I noticed that my bestfriend was sat with them but for some reason we had fallen out and I was adamant that I didn’t want to join in the fun and games. It wasn’t long before my husband came to find me and asked where I had gotten too. He had made friends with this family who had this very pampered little girl. I took an instant dislike to them and didn’t want to engage at all. Mat kept showing me videos of the girl doing some dumb YouTube channel shit, but when he handed over his phone, I immediately switched it off. Everyone must have thought I was a stuck up bitch, but I really didn’t care.