"Eeeek! My Vagina's Hanging Out!"

Date: 8/23/2017

By amandalyle

I was walking to my friend's new home. Her friend (or shall I say arch nemisis!) Hannah, joined us along the way, followed by her friend Amy who seemed to come out of nowhere. She kept doing acrobats along the way and no one batted an eyelid. I was carrying two bottles of white wine, as we were celebrating her moving into this new place. When I got there, my mouth dropped to the floor. It was a really grotty old flat. It looked like something out of the 80's and the walls had been stained heavily by cigarette smoke. Despite all of this, she was adamant that she was happier than ever. I was dubious, I must admit. There was mess and chaos everywhere and I was glad to be out of there. We took our celebrations into town. When we were at the bar, there was a young girl and handsome guy. Kylie started kissing the girl and then she moved onto the guy. I was surprised by what was unfolding in front of my eyes. But when she wasn't looking, I kissed the guy also. I was enjoying it at first, but then I could taste his horrible breath and felt sick afterwards. I may have vomited in a bush. When I walked back to the bar, there was a woman handing out free pregnancy tests. "No thanks" I said, shaking my head. "I need one of those!" Kylie said, darting off to the loos. When she returned, she gathered us all around. "So, you guys might be wondering why I have stopped drinking!" I hadn't even noticed, to be fair... but I knew what was coming. "I'm pregnant!" I felt both happy and sad. Sad that she could no longer drink away her woes with me! Next scene; I needed to pop to the shop and, instead, found myself walking around a prison. I bumped into Gemma Lucy and her very butch friend. Despite the way she looked, I found her a pleasure to be around. A little flirtatious, but nice enough. Until I found out that she was on death row. "Id better go back now!" She said, dashing back to her cell (which was also in a shop) When I looked at my reflection in the shop window, I saw that my dress had ridden up and my vagina was on full display. I was mortified, but as much as I tried to tug it down, it kept riding back up. "No wonder she was interested!" I thought, reflecting on my liaison with the butch woman. I placed my hands over my crotch and made my way home as quick as I could. Everyone was staring at me... or, shall I say, my vagina! Eeeeek!