caught by mom

Date: 1/25/2017

By deepa

so once again something like my mom almost finding out about my secret relationship ahahha at some point geo is in the shower with me but hes all clothed n hes talking to me and i tell him to kepp his voice down several times but he doesnt give too much of a fuvk n continues talking and my mother is right outside the bathroom area and im so panivky at some point i leave him in there n my mothers right outside but she doesnt see him? its so strange... some other shit happens but i keep forgeyting my dreams!! idk why im so lazy but i am.. oh ya n smth like thee hostel dorm ppl found out as well and its just strange like we just had sex and they came literally 2 mins later n saw thru the window n we wwre hiding bwhind the door but they obviously saw already so it was rly funny and scary sl basically i got in trouble