(Lucid) scariest dream i have ever had

Date: 4/15/2019

By squidward

i had a string of lucid dreams for a huge portion of the night (like for around 3ish hours) but it was torture. i was in my room (which wasn’t my irl room. it was very dim, pretty much empty, and huge) and i looked at my hands basically the second that i entered the dream and realized i was dreaming. right away, i didn’t feel that happy feeling that i get when i know i’m dreaming. i just felt paranoid. obviously, i knew that if i felt paranoid, it wasn’t gonna be good, so i tried to hide that feeling, but it didn’t work. i looked to my side and there was this black figure. it was so detailed and started to move towards me. i ran away and left my room and a different one appeared. i knew that i was lucid and could make everything stop if i tried, but nothing i tried would make anything about the dream change. everywhere i turned, there would be another one. they’d even be on the ceiling. at some points, there was this deafening high pitched sound anytime one would appear. this happened for at least two hours between multiple different dreams. the dream stopped and started again and i found my mom in the living room (also wasn’t my irl living room). i told her that i was scared and she told me i was crazy. i went to walk back to my room and another black figure was there. i think i even screamed which is not like me because i don’t scream, but it was so scary to me and i was so over it. i ended up basically curling up on the floor crying until i got teleported to this warehouse. i cant remember much of this, but i do know it wasn’t scary after this part and i remember allowing myself to lose my lucidity on purpose because i was done with it for the night. i also remember listening to a ton of music